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Are you seeking clarity around what you ‘should’ be eating without having to read often conflicting information online?

The world of food & nutrition can be confusing and convoluted. One day coconut oil is god’s gift to earth, while headlines in the media are linking it to heart disease the next. The exciting truth is that nutrition doesn’t have to be as complex as it might seem. I am here to break-down some of these myths and help you connect to the food that nourishes your unique body & lifestyle.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of dis-ease. -Hippocrates

Welcome! My name is Lauren Gauthier and I am a holistic health educator & functional nutritionist with a passion for, well, most everything surrounding health & healing. Fascinated by the dynamic interplay between our environment, genes, thoughts, movement, food, lifestyle choices & more, I work one on one to help you identify & dispel your barriers to healing so you are able to step into living your most vibrant life.


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